today i went to the country to see my uncle. seeing the green cabbages and the fine wheat, i couldn't help asking how he could grow them so well.uncle said that science of farming was important. it included: choosing the best seeds; keeping the condition of soil good and ploughing deeply; sowing the seed and growing young plants at the correct time; changing the crops in the fields; and giving plenty of water, light and fertilizer.


my favorite sports is basketball. it looks so cool in tv that i was crazy about those basketball stars ever since i was little.

basketball requires speed, height and skills. i run, jump, switch, and try to hit! all parts of my body are exercised in this sport. i feel that i’m like wind flying in the playground for my goal, which makes me feel so great!

basketball needs quick reaction and decision. when chance comes, it may disappear in the next second. i should keep an eye watching as an eagle, decide and judge quickly as a leopard, and run for it as a wolf.

further more, basketball is a sports more than just exercising, it needs team work. no one can play himself. a team should work together. so i learn to cooperate with others in this game. i should understand what my teammate doing and what he needs me to do for him. on the other side, i should learn to show my teammate what i need. at the same time, i need to keep an eye on the whole game, knowing how is the situation of our team and how is the other team. it involved more cooperation and strategy.

i played basketball more for about 5 years now. i make many good friends throught this sports. it is proud to win honor for my team and my school. also i enjoy all games with my friends. basketball will be my best friends in the future and my best memory about school life


middle school students have some idea about their future jobs. the most striking contrast is in teaching: 30 percent of girls would like to become teachers while only 5 percent of boys want to do this job. 20 percent of boys want to do business and another 20 percent want to become lawyers while girls take up 15 percent in these two fields.

what boys like to do most is to become managers (30%) and the second largest group would like to be scientists (25%). besides teaching, the second choice for girls is to be scientists (20%) and managers (20%).the number is not small. girls also expect to show their ability in these two fields.


this afternoon on my way home i saw lots of people standing:at the gate of the primary school. i didn'tknow what they are doing there at first. then a group ofpupils came out of the school. those people outside the gate went close to the pupils and called out names like "lingling", "fangfang", "xiaohua", etc. then i knew they had come to meet their children.

these children and other children like them are so happy that they are all like "little emperors"

it's not good at all. children will be the builders of our-country in the future. there are so many things for them to learn. later many things will be done by them. this means that they shouldn't be "little emperors"

on the contrary, they should depend on themselves. and they sh0uid do everything they can do without the help of their parents!

our country's future will be held in the hands of today's children, and, they will be its masters. so they should learn their parents' good habits and get rid of their own 15ad ones. their parents can't look after them forever.






Spring festival is coming.Before spring festival I'm going to go shopping and buy new clothes. I'm going to buy flowers. I'm going to clean my house.And I am going to see a film with my parents. I hope I can get lots of lucky money.

I will lead a healthy lifestyle by balancing work and leisure, exercising regularly and keeping a healthy diet

I will spend more time with my families and friends. I will share with them my joys and tears and give them a hand when they need help.

I think this spring festival will very happy!what about you?


Nowadays, when we watch the movie or the TV series, we may find violence shot everywhere, such as the movie about a cop fighting with a gangster, so many violence is being presented, the process of the cop beats the gangster is so clearly. People watch this scene with great joy, while they don’t realize it has great effect on the kids. Kids are so small that they don’t have the sense of judge, they like to imitate what they think is cool. Under such circumstance, we always read the news about teenagers showing violence and go against the law. There are many gunshot cases in campus, the killers are teenagers, and it is so shocking. The spread of the violence in the camera should be limited; it should not be showing too much. A good movie is not famous for its violent presentation, so in order to be good for the teenagers, violence shot should be limited.


Ways to Improve china’s tourism

Tourism is now becoming a major industry throughout the world. However,tourism in China is not as developed as it should be. If the following is done,China’s tourism will definitely be improved.

First,our places of interest should be better advertised throughout the world to attract more tourists. Second,facilities should be provided to ensure that tourists enjoy their trip. Finally,the quality of service should be improved.

Don’t tell people their ideas are bad unless you’ve got a good one.

Use of Free Time

Some people may be so busy that they never have a spare moment,but it would be hard to find such people in contemporary times. Working hours are shorter and vacations longer,and there are more and more ways to spend the weekends. Aside from eating and sleeping,what do people do during the many hours when they are not at work or at school?

Use of free time often discloses much about one’s tastes,values,interests and personality. What may be one man’s leisure,however,might be another man’s work. In leisure hours,some may turn to the humanities:literature,magic,art and here we might also mention movies and television. Others participate in sports,politics,voluntary work or hobbies at home. Still others like parties,travelling,or just loafing.

Obviously,the use of free time is a good means of relaxation,but its benefits go beyond this. All things people do in leisure hours enable them to gratify their wishes. This can contribute to intellectual growth and promote social activities as well.

So the good use of free time will make life rich,colorful and rewarding.


Nowadays, it is not rare to see people displaying their wealth on the Internet. Some post pictures of luxury goods, such as brand clothes and bags, luxurious automobiles or jewelries. Some write about their experiences in which a lot of money is spent.

People have different responses to this phenomenon. Some say that it is people’s right to share their possessions or experiences with others on the Internet, as

long as the things are legal and the experiences real. However, some criticize that the rich people are too arrogant. What’s worse, there are also a few who are not actually rich but put fake photos only to satisfy their vanity.

In my opinion, sharing is a good thing, and it is exactly the spirit of the Internet. But people should make careful choice on what they are sharing. After all,showing off is not very nice, not to mention faking.


My View on University RankingThe past years have seen the huge development of higher education in China and in contemporary society, it becomes a trend for universities to be ranked according to certain standards each year.Meanwhile, an increasing number of people deem it rather convenient to acquire information about quality of some universities.Searching the Internet, people can notice several editions of ranks very year.

A number of individuals favor this ranking because of its advantages.To begin with, without these ranks, it is impossible for people to make a direct comparison between different colleges.In addition, it is this ranking that enables China to build up a system of assessing higher education and to enhance its overall development.Even so, others hold the opposite view that university ranking carries some doubts.First, ranking all universities means a great amount of time and human resources; however, the quality and authority is not as satisfactory as expected.Second, what worries many experts is that some colleges may focus too much eyesight on ranking itself, ignoring the needs of students.By and large, the advantage derived the annual university ranking far outweigh the disadvantages.

An effective ranking will bring colleges motivation, arouses their enthusiasm to strive, and helps China to enhance higher education.However, it is advisable for this ranking to be scientific, practical and impartial.






The environmental protection is the most major problem which in the modern life the humanity faces. must solve this problem must start from foundation. first, must massively propagandize, enhances people's consciousness with understanding, strengthens the environmental protection consciousness. next, must carry on waste recovery use, reduces to forest-tree's felling. also must strengthen to white pollution processing, little uses the plastic product. finally, must make improvement to clean aspect. causes the city's appearance to be neater. for earth's tomorrow, we must start from the now diligently, will want the well local constable to protect the environment. to this us proposes as follows suggests: implementation trash classification packed in bags. like this not only can reduce the environmental sanitation worker's work load, but also can even better basically arrive makes use of waste, to reduce the pollution, saves the resources.





英语话题作文 篇1


1. The iprtance f English rests with the language being used in st cuntries in the wrld as a cunicating tl. Fr exaple, a Geran and a Chinese can't spea ppsite side's language, but the bth nw English. And then there is n prble between their language cunicatin. We ust nw the iprtance and learn the language earnestl.

The e t learn English well is t recite wrds. Wrds are the brics f language building.Onl eeping the in ur ind, can we aster the. T learn English well,we need t listen re English bradcast and cntact with re freingers s that we can practise ur listening cprehansin. Onl in this wa, can we stud fr the purpse f applicatin




2.The Iprtance English-英语的重要性

There can be n dubt that English is ne f the wrld's st widel used languages. Peple use a language in ne f three was: as a native language, as a secnd language, r as a freign languge. English is spen as a native language b ver three handred illin peple in the United States, Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, se caribbean cuntries and Suth Africa. As asecnd language, English is ften necessar fr fficial business, educatin, infratin and ther activities in an cuntries, it is ne f the few "wring" languages f the United Natins.

It is said that English has bece the language f internatinal trade and transprt. Mst pilts in planes travelling fr ne cuntr t anther use it t tal with airprts. All ships sailing n the ceans call fr help b radi in it. It has been said that 60 percent f the wrld's radi brad casts and 70 percent f the wrld's ail uses English. At internatinal sprts eets, and internatinal f scientists English is the language st cnl used and the st widel used.

English has in fact bece the language f internatinal cperatin is science and technlg. The st advanced resuits in space, nuclear and cputer research are published in it. A scientist wh speas and writes English is in clser tuch with the scientists in ther cuntries than ne wh desn't.








English is the st ppular language in the wrld, and it is als st widel spen f all the language. It is ther tngue in an iprtant cuntries, such as the USA,England, Australia and s n. In India, Thugh it is nt the ther tngue, it ‘sthe iprtant ffical language.

In China, English is spen as an iprtant and useful freign language. The 20xx Olpics will be hsted in Beiing. Man freigners will ce t China. We shuld tr ur best t serve the Olpics. Fr exaple, we can help the freign visitrs if we learn English well.

英语话题作文 篇2

Directions: For this part you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic My View on Helping Others in Need. You should write at least 120 words and base you composition in the outline below:

1. 现在,在看到他人遇到困难时,很少有人去伸出援手;

2. 这个现象产生的原因;

3. 我的看法。

英语话题作文 篇3

Do you agree that your parents have a second child? Different students have different opinions about it.

Some students agree with the idea. They think, if so, they wont feel lonely and there will always be someone to play with. Besides, if their parents get older or ill, they can take turn to look after them. However, some students disagree. They worry that they will get less love from their parents if another child comes to the family. Whats worse, they may not get along well, or even fight against each other.

As for me, Id love to have a brother or sister as company, so that we can share our happiness and sorrow anytime.

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